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Business of Design Week – Day 01

Business of Design Week kicked off today early with pomp and ceremony, with an opening speech by Henry Tang – the Secretary of State HK. This year’s conference is a joint affair with partnering country Japan, which means we had many Japanese speakers. Good thing we had simultaneous translations provided through headsets! Today’s tracks we attended were on Fashion and Apparel, below are highlights of today’s speeches.

Without a doubt though, the speech that left the deepest impression is by Dai Fujiwara, right-hand man to Issey Miyake himself for 15 years, starting off as a young textile designer, and now a close partner in the process of design, conceptual philosophy and textile engineering. An excellent and succinct speaker (in Japanese, though he generously gave the translator lots of time to do her job), he gave a run down on the conceptual process/thinking behind A POC – garments designed to be made from a single piece of cloth, thus minimizing wastage, yet producing unique cuts of clothing for the end user. Click here and here if you’d like to know more. He also played a few cool video clips they’ve made, one of which I’ve included below.

The day was topped off with a fashion parade by three young local designers. It is refreshing to find local designers doing well in the industry. The Chinese are oft known for their financial capabilities, but contemporary design is young yet in this culture. Further critical work and thinking will have to continue in designing for the future.


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new coffee table book!

Being the perennial bookworm, I am pleased to announce that I will be on the waiting list of this book, soon to be out in March 2010. What’s more exciting than ordering a fab book over the internet first thing on a Monday morning?

The blurb as seen on Coolhunting:

An in-depth exploration of jewelry design, “Fashion Jewellery: Catwalk and Couture” focuses on the designers and their working methods for creating distinct accessories for fashion shows and personal collections alike.

Author Maia Adams—a contributing writer for publications such as Vogue, Elle and Wallpaper—highlights 33 designers in all. Each gets their own chapter packed with an informative biography, insightful quotes, and a photo spread of their jewelry and sketches. While the styles and materials run the gamut, Adams chose each highly-skilled designer for their particular impact on the fashion industry and overall influence on 21st century fashion.

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carried away by pearls

So. With recent purchases of some freshwater pearl strands I started looking around for inspiration but the one image that most clung to mind was the opera length strand that Carrie was wearing in the first SATC movie. Couldn’t find any good images of it on the net except this soulful one of her looking at her mac, but the image of her below with the  awesome strands draping across the chest really sets my imagination on fire.

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it’s not just the gift

I believe that half the pleasure of receiving a gift is due to the lovely gift-wrapping itself. The shiny wrapper. The silky ribbon. The rustle of bright coloured tissue. A glimpse of cursive writing on the little gift card. The anticipation before releasing the ribbon. The happiness in the reception of a gift starts from the moment one lays one’s eyes on the package. Hopefully my gift wrapping for the buyers this season will create some magic for the receivers…

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A different face of Base

My two ladies are on the news!! To read this this article, please click here .

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one night fame

A friend sent me this flyer today! Am pleased to see quite a few dear friends also in the photos… ! I hope everyone had a great night. I DEFINITELY did, not just because of the exhibition, but the night was also topped off by a great degustation experience at Ecco for a friend’s birthday dinner after.


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wierdie art jewellery

Every now and then, one comes across something that makes you scratch your head. Like this buffalo woman brooch. I was wondering if there is something about buffalo + women that I wasn’t aware of, and tried Google. Something came up relating to ‘hot buffalo women’. Not quite what I was expecting, but given the nudity of the lady on the brooch, perhaps the artist is trying to make a statement about these ‘hot buffalo women’. Tell me if you know anything I don’t. PS – the bufflo head on the brooch is mobile and can cock her head to an angle too. Hm.

Don’t get me wrong, I think what Beau and Trouble make are really cool. Check out their website.

Anyway, here’s some moose facts that may help you identify with the moose pendant.

“Moose is the largest member of the deer family. Mature males sometimes weigh up to 1500 pounds. Moose were introduced to the province of Newfoundland in 1904, and because of the excellent forage have increased their numbers to 120,000. Many areas of the province boast the highest moose densities in the world. A large bull moose, standing higher than a large saddle horse and sporting a massive antler display can be an imposing and challenging quarry.
The mating period for moose, considered by many hunters the most successful time for hunting, runs from late September to early November. Notwithstanding the rut period, some of the very best times for hunting moose is after the rut, during the latter part of November. Newfoundland moose are classified as “Eastern Canadian.” Though generally smaller in body and antler size than their Alaskan cousins, Newfoundland moose are no less challenging to hunt.”



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