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Looks can be deceiving

This artwork is absolutely amazing. It LOOKS like its an installation of crushed foil front on, but is actually a woven canvas. You can see the intricate work in the following two images.


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Flower face

Wouldn’t it be great if flowers had happy faces, could sway and sing beautiful little songs that uplifts your spirits. No doubt that’s what this artist had in mind…

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Self portraits

Do you see yourself as the world sees you? Most of us have a different idea of ourselves compared to what our peers and family see us as. Most of us don’t even realise it, I don’t think. Which is why it is always interesting when an artist chooses to do a portrait of themselves.

Yayoi Kusama, an artist who could be said to live in a kaleidoscopic world of schizophrenic colours, did a self portrait in black and white. I am not an art critic. But perhaps it is a metaphor for truth as often been described as black and white, and she believes that she is being honest in her representation of self to the world. In a painting not distracted by colour, we begin to read more of the lines, patterns and shading used to construct her face and background.

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Colour my world

Some other sculptures of Yayoi Kusama from the art fair. Stumbling across these brought a huge smile to the face. Her artwork really lifts up your spirits with their loud colours and sense of humour!! 🙂 Much needed for a weekday!

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I love pumpkin

Yayoi Kusama was exhibiting at the art fair and had a few paintings and sculptures there. Did not see the real sculpture of the pumpkin, the japanese gallery didn’t bring it. The gallery owner told me I could order a mini pumkin (about twice the size of a ottoman) for USD 350,000!!!

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Another Anish Kapoor




Another Anish Kapoor artwork from the fair.


The below is an artwork called Turning The World Upside Down. I haven’t seen it personally as it is located at the Israel Museum, but I love the interactive nature of his sculptures.

Also decided to include an image of Anish Kapoor jewellery collaboration with Bulgari. Its so beautiful. I saw some other jewellery of his at the art fair yesterday, but didn’t manage to take good photographs of it.





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ART HK 2011 – Sample of artworks




Art HK 11 is a an international art fair where galleries from all over the world gather to showcase their best and most popular works. Below is an art work by Anish Kapoor – a round domed dish of mirrors that shows your reflection when you stand at a specific spot relative to the dish. Very fun to play with!! 🙂







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