Modesty, kids and humility

Liu Qingyun was quite a hit with households across south-east asia in comedies from the 90s. As a well-known Hong Kong actor, he takes frequent roles in movies, though I haven’t been following the Asian movie industry for quite a while, hence I wouldn’t be able to tell you what exactly he’s been up to recently.

So… I was having dinner with the family in a small tucked away Japanese restaurant tonight in Sai Kung, Hong Kong, and Mr Liu was sitting at a table across us with his cronies. It wasn’t unusual to see celebrities as many live around Sai Kung, so it really wasn’t cool to stare. Their table was less rowdy than we expected, presumably they were on good public behaviour. A couple with their young son was leaving, and wanted to meet and greet Liu, who modestly and warmly reciprocated. The father tried to make the young son say a fond farewell, but in the guileless innocence only a young boy can pull off, his high voice rang clearly through the restaurant, “But I DON’T KNOW this guy!!”

There is nothing like having a child bring one back to earth.

It’s ok, Mr Liu, we Gen X-ers still love you, even if the i-Gen kiddos don’t know you.


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