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Ode to a jeweller

It has been just over a month past the death of Mari Funaki, a very important member of the Australia jewellery community both for her work, and her contemporary jewellery gallery in Melbourne. While Funaki has left this world, hopefully someone will carry on her good work and Gallery Funaki will live on to present international and local artists’ works. To visit the gallery, please click here. Some examples of her work below, medium is mild steel and gold.


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Pet Salons in Japan

The whole world knows that there are hair and beauty salons galore in Japan. Walk a street and you see at least five salons, turn the corner and there’s another ten of them. A close second to hair and beauty salons are pet salons. This salon had such a cool setting and was so engagingly open to the public that one couldn’t help but stop and stare. The patience of these little dogs are something to marvel at… being churned out by the salon are manicured little dogs that look very much like little well-dressed toy models.

The manicured puppy is the 21st century adult’s Barbie indeed.

This little dog was the absolute model of patience. He was there for an hour!

One of the very manicured products of the salon. Warning: This is NOT a toy.

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Baden Baden

Hidden away in the suburban streets of Meguro, is a little shop  Baden Baden. They specialise in showcasing products made from young unknown Japanese designers, and the prices are pretty reasonable. I first found out about the shop on a beautiful blog Spoon & Tamago, and set out determined to visit this place. The lovely products we found there did not fail to disappoint!

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Star Jewellery Tokyo

In the Roppongi Hills shopping centre development we came across an interesting jewellery store and workshop fitout. The jewellery they produce is typical of Japanese designs – fine thread thin necklaces, little trinkets, some diamonds. It is studio that is most interesting. Most jewellers will know how hard it is to keep a workshop to such a clean extent as to want to show it off to the public. Once again the meticulous cleanliness and tidiness of the Japanese must be applauded! Many gazed unabashedly at the man working in it.

The fixed glazing to the workshop is also interesting in that they have somehow domed the glass (refer last photo), quite a feat and not a cheap exercise in glass moulding as one can only imagine…

notice the doming of the glass??

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cafe by the sakuras

Recently in Tokyo we went to a cafe with a cosy contemporary setting. A row of art books lined the wall, it made a fine background together with jazzy music to a hot meal. Just a few shots to show how lovely it was, amplified by the pink sakuras blooming by the laneway.

Entry via a laneway by the creek

Two funky middle-aged ladies having a cozy coffee/chat session!

Mother’s group!

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