My Yellow Pumpkin & Me

One of the best known Yayoi Kusama’s art works is this Giant Yellow Pumpkin located in Naoshima, near to Park Hotel of the Benesse House. This strong, iconic, cheery sculpture sits contemplating the sea and the freight ships that pass it by. We had a great time playing (no other word for this frivolous behaviour!) around the pumpkin, dancing around it, taking photos, kneeling, trying to jump on it and sliding back, touching the grooves, and finally just sitting contentedly and quietly next to it, watching the ships go between the islands. Inexplicably, I love this pumpkin.

The pumpkin in its lovely context.

The picture perfect view of the pumpkin.

Danny trying to set the camera up on the ground (without a tripod) to take a photo of us. Thought to show our friends a side of the man they wouldn’t usually observe. 🙂

I feel very close to this pumpkin.

HAD to buy this. Is my favourite momento from Japan. But not cheap either at 35oo yen for the little mite!


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