Naoshima – Benesse House Oval

Many of you will have seen pictures of the Oval by Tadao Ando. Rooms at the Benesse House Oval was unfortunately fully booked during our visit, but we were able to stay in the Museum (as featured previously). One reached the Oval through a monorail from the Museum, and only house guests can access the monorail via their room key. There are only 6 rooms around the Oval, each with a sea view spanning the width of their room. We have seen many pictures of the Oval in magazines, but like the Awaji Yumebutai Island project, we were quite unprepared for the sensory assault by the sound of a constructed waterfall, and the smell of dense vegetation against crisp fresh mountain air!

View from the roof garden down at the Oval

View from the roof garden at other little islands around Naoshima

View of the Oval – there are 6 hotel rooms around the Oval, each with an ocean view

Looking through the Common room exclusively for guests

Common room interior

Drainage gap between oval pond and corridor path

View within the Oval

View of Oval on a rainy night…

The walkway from Monorail leading to the Oval – large sheets of glass enclose the corridor

Looking back at the glass corridor – viewed externally

The hotel rooms around the Oval – with sea views – picture taken from creeping around the garden bushes!


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