Naoshima – Benesse House Museum

We called up the day before and were lucky enough to get a night booked in at the Museum! No hesitation, packed bags pronto from Hiroshima and headed north towards Naoshima for our brush with luxury. Hotel guests were able to have dinner at the restaurant in the Museum (food featured tomorrow!) and could wander around the Museum to view artworks at leisure till 10pm at night. It certainly made us feel privileged! Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take pictures of the museum interior, but did manage to sneak one!!

The Benesse House

Entry to the Museum

Hotel room within the Museum – our lovely room for the night!! *glee*

Views between the room balconies – of course restraints like privacy are not to hamper Ando’s creativity…

Meditating on the view before breakfast

Musuem foyer with artwork – one walks around this space via a ramp. In this space there are four chairs for viewers to site and contemplate Nauman’s work.


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  1. Tim

    Apart from photos in books, I have only ever walked outside of one of Ando’s Tokyo buildings. When he draws upon natural sunlight, what effects result as it hits the raw in-situ concrete? I imagine there might be an effect on walls and floors where a shaft of light could result in ‘adjacencies of the unlike’ of warmth/colour and cold/monochromatic.