Benesse Art Site Naoshima

Today I have some awesome artwork around Naoshima to show!

Naoshima is quoted as An Island on Exhibit. It is 16.6km in circumference, a small island in the middle of the Inland Sea with a population of 3,800. Naoshima has been set up as a place with a series of public art sites. The island wide commissioned public artworks (featured below), the Naoshima Cultural Village with its Art Houses (soon to be featured), the Benesse House Naoshima Contemporary Art Museum, the Chichi Art Museum, the hotels and its parklands, work together to rebuild “one nameless location to a unique location”. The central theme of the island is the co-existence of art, architecture and nature, set up by the Benesse Corporation and the local government to help reinvigorate the local aging population. They have a beautiful website with an excellent overview of the island project, click here to view.

Will just be featuring a few of the commissioned public art here, more of what’s around the island to come over the next few days.

Three Squares (George Rickey)

The squares are put into motion by the force of the wind, though it has its own resistance cleverly controlled by a system underground set up by the artist.

Shipyard works (Shinro Ohtake)

Time Exposed (Hiroshi Sugimoto)

Cylinder Bisected by Plane (Dan Graham)

T & D being “bisected by plane” as intended by artist! 🙂

Blind Blue Landscape (Terisita Fernandez)



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    thanks melissa! better things to come! 🙂