Awaji Yumebutai – masterplanned project by Ando

We spent two days on Awaji Island just working our way through this project – it is a large site, masterplanned by Tadao Ando as a redevelopment after the 1995 earthquake.

Crossing the world’s longest suspension bridge from the Kobe side of main island, to get to Awaji Island

Ando created this artificial landscape to showcase flowers of the region.

Bird’s eye view

Another little waterfall – note reflection of rippling water onto the concrete soffit!

Water feature on upper level – little white shells have been placed onto the concrete bed where there is water. A lot of work!

The concrete tower houses an elevator through which we come up, and through the skybridge, we arrive at the top of those flower beds.

Within the space behind the artificial waterfall. Even as the sight was amazing, the sound of water falling was so transcendent and emotionally overwhelming. I couldn’t stop giggling with happiness and wonder the moment I stepped into that space.

The view through the waterfall

The Miracle Plant Museum – one of the many buildings on site. It is a climate controlled greenhouse that has many wondrous tropical/local plants.

Stairway leading up to roof deck – scale of the walls were ginormous!

The chapel located within the Westin Hotel which is one of many buildings on the masterplan. Many weddings were held in this chapel as part of the wedding package by Westin Hotel. Very echoey!


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