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Day out of Kyoto – Miho Museum

Took a day trip out of old-world Kyoto to visit I.M.Pei’s famed Miho Museum. It was a nice change from looking at old-world structures, the museum took us about 1.5 hours to get to, but it was worth the trip because we got to leave all the tourists behind and see a little of the very pretty countryside of Kyoto. Here’s just some pictures of Miho Museum. The musuem is set up by the Shumei sect, its founder Mihoko Koyama is a lady who wanted to spread the philosophy that “to seek beautiful things is to seek God”, and if one appreciates the beauty in things and fine arts in life, then there will be less inclination to do evil in the world.

The “journey” through a tunnel to be made on foot or by electric buggys to get to the museum – signifies one leaving the secular world behind

The tunnel – quite breezy, but otherwise not dark and scary at all…

Light at end of tunnel – one sees a temple roof form which is the entry into the museum –

Much of the museum is underground so the building does not make too much of a visual impact on the mountainous landscape.

Approaching the ‘temple’ steps

The entry foyer. The bonsai planted outside is about 150 years old, specially selected by IM Pei and transported to be planted here. IM Pei reckons it looks like a hand gesture of welcome, as if to show one the way into the landscape.

Intricate shadows cast by the roof structure. The ‘timber’ battens are in fact aluminium battens cladded in timber veneer.


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