Day 04 – Strolling around

Took some easy time out to go window shopping today around Omotesando and Roppongi. We came across our first Tadao Ando office/retail building! It is pity that it was raining and grey, so the strong shadows normally associated with photography of his buildings did not come across, but that did not negate the experience of the building and its voids/intersecting corridors.

In strolling through shops, we noticed that there are a number of cooking studios around where many girls go to pick up domestic skills of cooking – most likely in preparation of the domestic life of marriage. Skill sets vary from learning how to hold a knife, to decorating complex pastries…

HdeM Prada building day and night – there are many better photos taken of this so I’m just putting a couple up just for the sake of it.

Found lovely little hole-in-the-wall shop in Omotesando. Lovely interior fitout (they wouldn’t let me take a photo 😦 ) Beautiful beautiful beautiful black sesame glutinous ball with smooth smooth smooth red bean paste in the centre. Ecstasy upon first bite. Bought for the price of a handmade truffle in Australia. Check out their beautiful website – Hiyashiya


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