Day 03 – Yokohama

Two main spots of attraction in Yokohama for us – The Ramen Museum showcasing ramen (egg noodles) with different soup bases from different regions of Japan, and Foreign Office Architects’ International Port Terminal. The queues in the ramen museum took up to 30 minutes for some stalls, but it was well worth the wait, and it served us well as we had time to digest between bowls. We had up to 3 bowls each (sample size)! Filled to the brim, we trained it and then walked several blocks in the freezing sea breeze to arrive at FOA’s futuristic terminal.

Walking into the warm carcass of the building, we found an international dart competition being held in the main hall. It was a curious thing watching professional dart-players – elation and frustration at the 30 sec performance either hitting or missing the bulls eye demonstrated that it is not the sport that matters, but the human spirit for competition that enables us all to strive for the better.

We stayed at the terminal quite a while to justify the long trip and fulfil our obligation of acting the archi-tourist, and undertook some serious photography of the somewhat arbitrary architecture wonder.


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