To the land of the rising sun

We are off to the land of the rising sun for our honeymoon adventures! Tremendously excited.

Made myself a necklace to wear for the occasion. I am a little sheepish in saying that I borrowed the idea of mult-strand red coral from someone. However, am at the moment so in love with the colour red, and I too have many red coral beads sitting in my Bead-Box. The big silver oriental lattice pendant is handmade by madame gan – moi, and is suitably appropriate for the my travels to the east.

Stay tuned for travel adventures over the next month! Japan will doubtless be quite an eye-opening experience.

Au revoir et salut – madame gan

Serene smiles

Polite bows abound.

Lovely girls delight the eyes.

Land of serene smiles…

Mystery of East

Pretty girls. Almond.

Eyes hiding behind shy smiles.

Mystery of East…


Tall modern buildings

Block the view of Rising Sun

Is Japan’s soul lost?


Seat of faded dreams

Of Empire of Rising Sun

The sun also sets…


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