Looking good in Japan

I’m having trouble assessing my accessories and wardrobe for the up and coming month-long honeymoon in Japan. I tell everyone we’re backpacking, but it’s not really backpacking if we’re not technically ‘roughing it out’ in bunks and dorms is it? Is it wrong to want to look good in Hip-Culture City itself? One wouldn’t want to look daggy opening the doors into the fab HdM designed Prada shop or stepping into Commes des Garcon.

So while He (who owns 10 black tshirts and another 5 white ones) tells me to stop pussy-footing around the luggage bag and just throw some stuff together, I have decided to quickly make myself a pair of pearl earrings from a precious string of baroque pearls. While the gorgeous organic shapes call for bigger & bolder studs, I have to admit to being lazy and just putting simple hooks on them. As He said, we are indeed running out of time (3 days to go!!!), and goddamn it, I just want them on my ears!

Here’s a couple more facts for you pearl-lovers:

Uneven pearls are called ‘baroques’, and are covered in bumps and globules. The word ‘baroque’ has an offspring – an exuberant new style of architecture became popular in 17th C Europe and some years later its critics mockingly nicknamed it ‘baroque’. They were suggesting that these structures were grotesque, like ugly pearls. But the word caught on and even became positive – Extract from Jewels: A Secret History by Victoria Finlay.


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