living on the instant

Being freshly  ejected out of the rat race last Friday, and it being Wednesday today, I am sorely missing the fresh aroma of freshly ground beans wafting through the office. Even gazed longingly at the expresso coffee machines on sale at Myers on a shopping expedition – catching myself just in time before taking out the wallet and bagging one. This is the story of one who chooses to live in the moment – thereby living on instant coffee.

Serendipity has it  that I came across this beautiful Mypressi portable expresso maker – inspired by the founder’s coffee cravings while he was on his honeymoon. At an affordable price of US$169, it may be just my thing!! Woohoo.



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2 responses to “living on the instant

  1. Coffee connoisseur

    No one should drink instant coffee, let alone live off it. You have all my sympathy. Be gone foul Nescafe! I am proud of you though. Admission is the first step towards recovery.

  2. tracygan

    Day 12 of nescafe – argh…!