Artisan Cherish Exhibition Opening Night

Last Thursday was the opening night for the Cherish Exhibition at Artisan. There was a good turnout, I had my best dress on, and it was very lovely catching up with people, especially those whom I haven’t seen for a while. My heart beat faster every time I saw someone try one of my jewellery on, and Danny even managed to grab a snapshot of a lady-in-purple trying on the Noir Necklace. I hope she has a good think about it and comes back for a purchase – *fingers crossed*

Have attached a photo of one of my rings also on display – a lovely lady named Olivia tried this on! It was very nice meeting her, though I wish I managed to grab her contact number before she left. She makes cute brooches, also on display at Artisan, and it is always nice to talk to other crafty types. Hopefully we will cross paths again.



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