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Every now and then, one comes across something that makes you scratch your head. Like this buffalo woman brooch. I was wondering if there is something about buffalo + women that I wasn’t aware of, and tried Google. Something came up relating to ‘hot buffalo women’. Not quite what I was expecting, but given the nudity of the lady on the brooch, perhaps the artist is trying to make a statement about these ‘hot buffalo women’. Tell me if you know anything I don’t. PS – the bufflo head on the brooch is mobile and can cock her head to an angle too. Hm.

Don’t get me wrong, I think what Beau and Trouble make are really cool. Check out their website.

Anyway, here’s some moose facts that may help you identify with the moose pendant.

“Moose is the largest member of the deer family. Mature males sometimes weigh up to 1500 pounds. Moose were introduced to the province of Newfoundland in 1904, and because of the excellent forage have increased their numbers to 120,000. Many areas of the province boast the highest moose densities in the world. A large bull moose, standing higher than a large saddle horse and sporting a massive antler display can be an imposing and challenging quarry.
The mating period for moose, considered by many hunters the most successful time for hunting, runs from late September to early November. Notwithstanding the rut period, some of the very best times for hunting moose is after the rut, during the latter part of November. Newfoundland moose are classified as “Eastern Canadian.” Though generally smaller in body and antler size than their Alaskan cousins, Newfoundland moose are no less challenging to hunt.”




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