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One of the wonderful things that human beings possess is memory. Memories are a collective set of experiences that we are able to hold which make us who we are. It is not only wonderful that the memories we have are part of what has happened to us, but is also part of what we give others.

I feel that the beauty of Kim Wallace’s work with the crocheted doilies lies therein her extraction of memory through application of the old onto the new; the dishes give a faint reminiscence of what it must be like to have tea with our nannas ( I say ‘must be’ because I’ve never actually had the opportunity to have tea with my grandmother, so I can only imagine. A reminder to all that you must cherish your nannas and their wisdom while they are still with you.)

Found this touching poem and thought I’d share it with you here.

In the Shadow of the Design (by Susan B. Auld)


When I found the doily
it lay folded,
forgotten among the trappings
of my family gatherings,

its unfolding released
dusty and hazy memories
intensified by the motion
of my hands

as I smoothed away
the creases.

Yellowed threads,
looped and knotted
by the strength of ancestral history

created a lacy snowflake
on the wall when held up
in the day’s streaming brilliance.

I found my grandmother
in the shadow of the design.

I watched as she stroked my hair and
smoothed the doily over the headrest
of the stuffed chair in her parlor.

The sun moved and I lost her.

Two loose threads dangled
from the doily’s edging
each going its own way

as generations will,
but still bound by the constancy
of kindred connections.






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