my lucky day

Melbourne Cup Day is pretty much the only day of the year which I would EVER put a dollar on any horse. Have not won on horses yet, but am feeling a little lucky this year in 2009. Having said that, could have done with my lucky number 18 around my neck. Except someone bought it from right under my nose  just as I laid me eyes on it. Closely avoided a tussle – gritted my teeth, squared my jaw, I looked at the buyer in the eye and said tersely “that’s a good number’, to which she replied with a firm nod and mumbled assent that it was her lucky number. Grrr. Maybe I should stick to the alphabets.




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2 responses to “my lucky day

  1. xw

    Wow, great to come in and read so many posts! Love the scrabble cufflinks…makes me want to buy a pair, even if I don’t wear cufflink shirts anymore! Keep writing!

  2. Gosh Tracy, I wouldn’t want anyone to come to blows over the Bingo numbers! I have another number ’18’ Bingo marker pendant available if you’d like it – just let me know…
    Thanks for the lovely comment you left over at Shelbyville 🙂 Drop by any time,