What better thing to do on a cloudy drizzly lazy sunday morning than to curl up on one’s extremely comfortable goose-feathered couch and blog about jewellery? In all honesty, the baby faces by liana kabel freak me out a little – yours truly  does not have a strong disposition for doll faces, body parts and other macabre horror type things, but the fact that these are coloured to seem good enough to eat, makes it heaps better. 🙂 Looking at all the other lolly-looking earrings is strongly reminiscent of a recent trip to the cinemas where I was having trouble deciding between jaffas, strawberries&cream, sour colas and skittles. At least these won’t make add calories to your diet… quite the contrary, the many choices may help the wallet go a little leaner.


01-liana kabel

02-liana kabel

03-liana kabel


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