boral competition 2009

Here’s some images of the recently completed Boral competition scheme – a collaboration between Danny (OEWG Architects) with our friends James & Melody (Atelier ChenHung). They’ve done some hard yards on this, but it is well worth it as the end result looks pretty good! The competition brief is to design a suburban family home based on sustainable and innovative use of Boral products. Don’t fall asleep now, but below is the short ‘blurb’ they’ve had to write for the entry.

“What does Boral offer”? Materials for building? Symbols of Domesticity? Shelter? We believe Boral offers all these, but ultimately, it offers permanence. The opposite to our culture for the ephemeral, and to our obsession for fashion and technology. This project aims to innovate in the way materials are used, and romanticise the nature of the materials.

‘Invest In Bricks’ became our design motto. Since bricks become more beautiful as they age, our intention is to design a place, or a landscape of (relative) permanence. Based around the tree of the site and those of the park, the landscape formalises the pre-existing slope into a hierarchy, from the public, the semi-public, the private, and back to the semi-public again. Each place is flexible for dwelling, gathering, gardening, viewing, and so on. If the house by nature is in a state of constant flux (through alterations and extensions by a succession of home owners), the landscape, especially with the way the bricks are used, is designed to age and accumulate mould, dirt, impossible plant growths, and so on…







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