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I’m into studs

The past week has been a buzz of activity making up some fun jewellery. My workplace is holding an xmas exhibition this coming Wednesday showcasing everyone’s artistic talents (aside from architecture of course!). We will be showcasing handmade bedside tables, coffee tables, door handles and woven lamps… … surprise surprise my contribution will be that of the feminine luxuries… 🙂 Below are some great earrings that will go well with lovely summer dresses for all the up and coming glittery december parties!!!



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one night fame

A friend sent me this flyer today! Am pleased to see quite a few dear friends also in the photos… ! I hope everyone had a great night. I DEFINITELY did, not just because of the exhibition, but the night was also topped off by a great degustation experience at Ecco for a friend’s birthday dinner after.


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tantalising tuesday

To tantalise our fashionable tastebuds on a tuesday, I’ve uploaded images of a silver brooch sitting in Artisan waiting for the right-woman-to-come-along. The top of the brooch spins to give a layered effect. This takes great pains to make – but i love it love it love it. hope you do too.


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Artisan Cherish Exhibition Opening Night

Last Thursday was the opening night for the Cherish Exhibition at Artisan. There was a good turnout, I had my best dress on, and it was very lovely catching up with people, especially those whom I haven’t seen for a while. My heart beat faster every time I saw someone try one of my jewellery on, and Danny even managed to grab a snapshot of a lady-in-purple trying on the Noir Necklace. I hope she has a good think about it and comes back for a purchase – *fingers crossed*

Have attached a photo of one of my rings also on display – a lovely lady named Olivia tried this on! It was very nice meeting her, though I wish I managed to grab her contact number before she left. She makes cute brooches, also on display at Artisan, and it is always nice to talk to other crafty types. Hopefully we will cross paths again.


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kimono girl

In light of us planning a trip to Japan next March, here are a couple of shots of fabulous vintage kimonos that my friends picked up in the kyoto markets at their last trip. I feel blood rushing to my head and adrenalin set pumping whenever I think of the bargains to be had in a foreign land. Will be going with empty suitcases!!! When I get home, there will probably be not enough wall to hang ‘stuff’ on. If only we can buy a new house with long, long, long white walls.



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a bargain hunter at easton pearson

There is nothing like a new dress to beat the hump day blues. Lady Coddington is today featuring my new bargain pick up at the easton pearson sale over the weekend. The price is still unmentionable even after a >50% discount.


I now have something lovely to wear to the Cherish Exhibition opening tomorrow. 😀

Madame Gan strikes.



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wierdie art jewellery

Every now and then, one comes across something that makes you scratch your head. Like this buffalo woman brooch. I was wondering if there is something about buffalo + women that I wasn’t aware of, and tried Google. Something came up relating to ‘hot buffalo women’. Not quite what I was expecting, but given the nudity of the lady on the brooch, perhaps the artist is trying to make a statement about these ‘hot buffalo women’. Tell me if you know anything I don’t. PS – the bufflo head on the brooch is mobile and can cock her head to an angle too. Hm.

Don’t get me wrong, I think what Beau and Trouble make are really cool. Check out their website.

Anyway, here’s some moose facts that may help you identify with the moose pendant.

“Moose is the largest member of the deer family. Mature males sometimes weigh up to 1500 pounds. Moose were introduced to the province of Newfoundland in 1904, and because of the excellent forage have increased their numbers to 120,000. Many areas of the province boast the highest moose densities in the world. A large bull moose, standing higher than a large saddle horse and sporting a massive antler display can be an imposing and challenging quarry.
The mating period for moose, considered by many hunters the most successful time for hunting, runs from late September to early November. Notwithstanding the rut period, some of the very best times for hunting moose is after the rut, during the latter part of November. Newfoundland moose are classified as “Eastern Canadian.” Though generally smaller in body and antler size than their Alaskan cousins, Newfoundland moose are no less challenging to hunt.”



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