Finders Keepers Markets

We set out to the Finders Keepers Markets at the Old Museum near RNA Showgrounds this morning to check out the handiwork of our talented designers and makers from Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. There was already quite a good crowd from the word go, and got increasingly packed as the day wore on… I was armed with the very high-tech camera that Danny had to show me how to use, with the different lenses so good shots could be taken of the craftwork for the blog. Everyone was good natured in putting up with my photo-taking, so we did manage to get nice shots while trying not to elbow enthusiastic buyers! For the next week I will be featuring individual makers and providing links to their websites so you can all go and check them out.

Today’s featured maker is Brooke Johnston with her beautiful doily jewellery. It was only the fact that I didn’t have any cash that stopped me from whipping out the wallet and getting the ring for myself, but by god I wanted one!!

hero shot


03 band

04-brooke johnston

05 brooke johnston



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2 responses to “Finders Keepers Markets

  1. Tim

    Nice blog. I think the band name you are looking for is Erin-Louise.

    • tracygan

      how did you know?! i loved her voice. and the flute. and her witty lyrics. and the quiet boy in retro-blue skinny trousers. 🙂