they came in the night…

Two fairy-godfathers delivered a stump to my workshop last night. It’s a really heavy timber log – an off-cut from a piling post – which they picked up so I can hammer away on my pieces  without inflicting tinnitus on us all… I say ‘picked up’ as if there was little effort involved, but really, they lugged it in the dark night after it was discarded by a nearby building site. And then proceeded to move it back and forth the room as we tried to determine to best location for it!

The welcome addition now sits proudly next to my pickling pot, well lit by The Motlen P***s, and is a new member of my tool family, first befriended by my raw-hide mallet.

The two fairies will be richly rewarded with beers in return for their kind favour.

the fairy godfathers

the fairy godfathers

what they delivered

what they delivered


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  1. Dan

    Very handsome and young looking fairy-godfathers.